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Important changes for the Florida Marriage License by mail as of May 2015 !

As of May 2015 we are excited to announce that couples residing in Florida may now also file for a marriage license by mail with us. In previous years this service was only available to couples from out of State or International applicants. We are happy that with that change we can now offer this service to anybody that wishes to marry in the State of Florida. If you reside in Florida and don’t have the time to apply for your license in person we are here to help. The only difference to couples from out of State is that Florida residents will have a three day waiting period until the license is valid. We also will not be able to honor the reduced filing fee for couples that did a premarital course.


Florida Marriage License by mail filing service.

Why apply for you Florida Marriage License by mail?

If you plan your wedding away from home the marriage license by mail is a convenient way to have all your paperwork done before arriving in Florida. The majority of weddings are planned on the weekend, but all Clerks are closed on holidays and weekends. This means you have to arrive a working day prior and spend precious vacation time to do this in person. The filing for the marriage license by mail will not only save you time, but also give you the freedom to arrive whenever it fits your schedule. For international couples there will be no language barriers and confusion, no driving around in cities you never been to or waiting for hours in lines.  Once issued you just bring your license with to your wedding and let your officiant sign it.

The Florida Marriage License by mail (in Absentia) is a legal document and exactly the same as if you would apply for in person.

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 What sets us apart?

All  documents to be processed are shipped via Fed Ex ground, two day delivery or with overnight express shipment. Fed Ex ground is already included in our filing fee.  All certified copies  will either be send with USPS or Fed Ex depending on the selected package. We speak English, Spanish and German and offer a license and Apostille service as combo package for couples that need this document to legalize the marriage in their home country. We are personally known at the Clerk of Court and work together for many years.


You have Questions? We have answers

  • Is this process legal? I called a clerk and they said I have to apply in person.

It is absolutely legal. We have processed marriage licenses since 2005. Many Clerk of Courts in Florida do not know about the marriage license by mail and only two in the State of Florida even offer this service to companies like us. If you have questions you can contact us or the Lake County Clerk of Court to verify that  your application by mail is legal.

  • When should we apply for the Florida marriage license by mail?

Recommended is to apply for your marriage license 60 days or more prior your wedding date.

  • Can same-sex couples apply for a marriage license?

Yes, as of January 6th 2015 same sex couples may apply for a marriage license. 

  • How long does it take?

We apply for your Florida Marriage license by mail approx 30 days prior your wedding date and hold all documents up until that time. Couples receive their pre license for notarization via E-mail. The regular processing time is 2 weeks after we filed with the Clerk of Court. All couples receive detailed instructions along with their documents.

  • My fiancee and I live in separate States, can we still file via mail?

Yes you can. We will instruct you how to go about this.

  • Is the marriage license valid in any city in Florida?

Yes you may get married anywhere in the State of Florida.

  • How long is the license valid?

The license is valid for 60 days.

  • I am not an American citizen and live abroad. Can I apply for a Florida Marriage License by mail?

Yes, you don’t have to be a US resident or citizen to apply for a Florida marriage license.

  • Do I need any documents translated?

No there are no documents required that need translation.

  • Do I decide before the wedding what last name I will be using in the future?

No, all name changes are done after the wedding in your respective state. You will have to provide the certified copy to the SS Administration and other Governmental Institutions for changing your name.

  • Will my marriage be recognized worldwide?

Yes, your wedding in Florida is absolutely legal, however most foreign countries will require an Apostille or the filing of additional paperwork through the Embassy of your Country. To legalize a same sex marriage outside of Florida other regulations may apply and are set forth by State or the Country you live in. Please check with your local authorities.

  • Can I apply for a marriage license by mail directly at the Clerk of Court?

No, only registered and authorized companies like us are allowed to file for your license by mail. However you can always apply for a marriage license in person.

  • I need my license in a very short amount of time is this possible?

We have the option of express filing the Florida Marriage license by mail, please contact us if you need your license in less than 31 days. It is impossible to file for a Florida Marriage License by mail less than 14 working days before the wedding date unless you are getting married with our company.